how to refresh windows 8.1 without dvd or flash flash drive or media installation other

How to Refresh Windows 8.1 Without Media. Some users of windows 8 or 8.1 ever having problems with windows, but microsoft has already added the application to fix windows 8.1 that has the problem. Reset and Refresh is an application from windows 8.1 or 8 to restore the health of the windows that can be run with windows installation DVD or Without Media Installation.

How to Refresh Windows 8.1 Without Media Installation

How to Refresh or Reset Windows 8.1 Without Media Installation? 

Yes, Refresh and Reset on windows 8/ 7.3 does require installing Windows media 8/8.1 (DVD or Flash) to support the process. Usually when the process runs windows will ask for the installation media to perform this task.

What if we do not have the windows installation media? DVD installation of windows is missing?. before you can retrieve lost data on the installation media and save on your hard disk.

For that it takes a few steps so that when Refresh or Reset, the system will not ask to use the installation media again. The following step by step Refresh or Reset Windows 8.1 Without Media Installation.

  • Browse to the drive where the Windows 8 installed. Search file folder on the install .wim sources and copy to a new folder on the hard disk in drive c. Create a new folder, name the folder Backup. then paste the file install .wim into the folder.

  • Run the command prompt. If you are on a desktop display, point the mouse to the left corner of the bottom and right click and select Command Prompt (Admin). If it is on the Modern look of the UI, just type the command prompt and run the app.

  • Write in the command prompt like this, reagentc.exe /setosimage /path C:\Backup /target C:\Windows /Index 1

  • If it works then it will perform the confirmation, "Operation Succesfull". Now you can exit the Command Prompt. Now you can do a Refresh or Reset without the need to insert/use the installation media such as DVD or Flash.
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So start today. You can Refresh or Reset windows 8.1 without dvd installation windows or flash flash drive or media installation other.

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